Snow Plow: 3 Safety Tips That Could Help You Avoid Fatal Situations

Snow Plow

Snow Plow

With winter season, one thing that becomes extremely useful is a snow plow. By clearing the snow, this important and large equipment makes roads safe and convenient for everyone. In other words, it reduces the possibility of getting stuck in snow.

When operating the machinery, drivers must focus on safety. Not everyone knows but snow plows are four times heavier than average cars and collision with them can lead to adverse mishaps. Also, it is important to know that chances of collision between snow plows and other vehicles are quite high; hence, safety is something that can’t be overlooked.

Keeping safety as the main concept, let us discuss some vital tips related to the machinery.

  1. Don’t pass

Passing by a snow plow is a serious mistake anybody can do. No matter, the driver is operating it slowly, it is good to stay away and not drive or walk in front of it.

Even when one is driving a four-wheel vehicle, this giant machinery is something to keep away from. Few models of snow plow have front and side plows. Known as wing plows, these side plows jut out to about 10 to 12 feet on the side. Passing them is never ever a great idea.

  1. Follow at a safe distance

To accomplish the job in the right way, the equipment has to go approximately 35 miles an hour. Though the slow speed annoys, driving at a safe distance behind them is undeniably crucial.

Depending on the condition, the machinery may have to be stopped or swerved abruptly so as to prevent obstacles. As operators are open to unpredictable situations, driving behind them makes one encounter the same possibilities. Operator of the plow can stop all of a sudden or back up; thus, maintaining distance is the only way out.

  1. Keep tailpipe clear

If a car is parked on the street and its owner pauses while clearing it off, there are chances that passing snowplows may plow back them in. Except now, the car is running and tailpipe may get blocked by snow. What will happen now is that rather than exhausting to the outside, carbon monoxide will back up in the car.

This horrible situation can be avoided by clearing the snow that’s around the tailpipe, before starting the car. If snow on the road is way too much, it’s good to avoid situation of being in a running car when a snow plow passes by. However, if the car driver gets plowed in, they must act calm and turn off the engine immediately. If the driver’s door is stuck, they must exit from another door or call for help.

So, these were some tips to be kept in mind and stay safe. Snow plows are meant to help people by clearing the roads; hence, cooperate with them and let them do their job efficiently.